• Easy and delicious

    Our kits include easy-to-follow recipes and all of the ingredients you need, measured and ready to put into your ice cream maker. Choose from our ever-growing catalog of flavors and have the fresh goodness of homemade ice cream without the hassle.

  • Ready when you are

    Bonnie Purl kits include 'shelf stable' organic milk and cream that don't require refrigeration to ship or store. Just like having that cake mix ready when you want a homemade dessert, you can now have fresh ice cream whenever you want.

  • Fun to share

    The Bonnie Purl experience makes for a sweet treat whether you’re staying in for movie night, hosting a dinner party or want a unique gift for someone you love. Make it a fun activity with family and friends or keep all of it for yourself! Each kit makes over 2 pints.

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